Almost sunflowers

Many bloggers will probably have noticed it already. WordPress made the next step in development which ended up in version 2.5 having been released this week. Not just for fixing some security issues and that kind of stuff I surely installed the new version. I like the new administration interface a lot. It looks much fresher than the old one. Some new features also found their way into the new release, which are primarily a better support for tags and something like a media library.

Maybe you think the same about the new WordPress release as I do: I really like the possibility for automatic updates of installed plugins, but I dislike or don’t use some of the new features. Upgrading plugins to the newest version with one simple mouse click is just amazing, but the support for tags still lacks something like a «mass tag edit» feature and therefore I still use the Simple Tags plugin. Moreover I’m not quite sure how to handle media files with the new WordPress library, especially images. That’s why I tend to continue usage of the NextGen Gallery. […]

WordPress and its changes

Today I thought about representing data and rules from Dungeons & Dragons source books as simple and plain XML files. Why that, you probably ask. Well, I’m not quite sure myself. At first I noticed some problems during our Friday DnD sessions. For almost every silly thing, we had to consider the source books and browse through the pages. This is probably due to the large amount of books we take into account while playing.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a database or something similar, where for example all feats would be listed with their descriptions, requirements and where they are to be found in the source books and so forth. Of course these informations should be kept in a database for things like sorting and grouping. Nevertheless there has to be the possibility to have things exchangeable. Therefore I decided to collect all (hopefully) this data and write it down in XML. Later on you (or I) just have to write an importing/exporting tool to have read or write access to the database.


Bilingual Blogs

Ok, as you have probably seen within the last few postings, I am trying to make my blog biligual. Because of my bad foreign language knowledges, I will only get along with English and German.

The first plugin I used to make postings in more than one language was the Simple Multi Language Plugin (SMLP). With certain tags (like [en] or [de]) it was possible to have text blocks in different languages. Unfortunately the plugin was not able to handle some of WordPress‘ most neat features like multiple pages or an excerpt of a posting with the possibility to read on further. After searching the web for a while (this time I was using Yahoo instead of Google, because I think Google cannot handle spam as good as Yahoo can) I stumbled across the Polyglot Plugin (funnily enough I am already using other plugins from the author, but I hadn’t discovered it yet). In almost every way, it is the better plugin, compared to SMLP. It allows pages, postings and even categories and titles of everything to be translated.


A new highlight

I was just browsing the web, searching for some nice WordPress plugins. During the installation of the Simple Multilanguage Plugin which allows you to change the language of a post (only if I wrote it in several languages, of course), I found another interesting plugin on their website, called ig:Syntax Hiliter. This plugin allows you to put source-code on your website with some.. yeah, who would have thought: syntax highlighting. I just put up the following two examples, showing the highlighting of Java and C#.

Era of changes

First of all: some of you’ve maybe seen it already. I’m changing my blog again. This time it’s not only the layout but the language, too. Because of my bad Spanish knowledges I’m currently testing my (almost forgotten) English skills. I have translated two German pages into English so far (which are: Donations and About) and I must admit, I am not willing to translate all my previous posts into English, because I am too lazy and often it just wouldn’t make any sense, because of some word jokes.

As you can see I have made some changes on the layout of the page. In my opinion the old look was nice, but a torture to your eyes. The whole design was a little bit to dark (especially the boring gray background behind the main content [not the gorgeous picture of me in the back]) and angled and just not soft to see. Therefore I decided to switch to this design. I didn’t find it by myself, but a colleague, establishing his blog (INsanityDesign) showed it to me. I just changed the colors a little bit, because I like blue more than green. Moreover I integrated 3 header pictures, instead of the one distributed with the original theme MistyLook, which can be found at The pictures on top of this page were originally located at stock.xchng (just take a look at the pictures, taken by StevenFE).