Record what is played on Vista

As some of you have probably noticed Stefan Raabs SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD („Stefan sucht den Superstar, der singen soll was er möchte und gerne auch bei RTL auftreten darf“) recently finished with Stefanie Heinzmann as its winner. There were obviously many talented singers at the final elimination stage and the 18year old Swiss won with hear song «My man is a mean man» which I really like, although I normally don’t listen to this kind of music in general.

On, a German pendant to Youtube you can take a look at the final performance of My man is a mean man. I really like the song and wanted to listen to it from time to time. Therefore I tried to save it to my hard disk, but withouth the Flash video (for this kind of task you could use something like UnPlug if you use Firefox, and I think you should do that). So as I was using Windows XP I could easily set my stereo output of my soundcard as the recording input. But setting this under Vista took me some time, because some steps have to be performed to record what is currently played.


Personal Firewall

Oh yes, the Internet rocks. At least for people who use it „safely“. Safer networking seems to be a very difficult thing for adolescents or older persons. I’ve seen many people surfing without these neat applications. Yes, I am talking about personal firewalls. I don’t want to start a discussion about the sense of these programs or how to use them. In fact I am using this software only to permit access to any network from applications I personally installed on my PC (I have a better firewall within my router, it uses IP filtering with ip-tables).

In the past I used the personal firewall of Sygate. However that application is no longer maintained or updated, because Symantec decided to continue only the professional branch of Sygates software development. Because of that and the fact that I formatted my HDD last week, I had to look for an alternative. I made my choice and ended up with the Kerio Personal Firewall. At first I was satisfied with my decision. Sadly enough I had to learn, that I made the wrong decision, especially within the last few days. Althoug I could set network access rights for started programs (both inbound and outbound traffic), there was no method of defining these parameters for yet not startet programs. That is why you can setup an FTP server for example but cannot access it from without the network, because the dialog for (firewall) configuration for access rights pops up if you try to login for the first time.


Shuffle the taskbar

Sometimes people tend to be some kind of fussy, concerning the order of almost anything. Peolpe who know me personally will have recognized that I’m belonging to this group of persons. I have to have everything in place (especially referring to my desktop, hdd and.. well yes, almost anything else).

This also ranges up to my operating system. I hate Microsoft for not having implemented a feature to change the order of my taskbar buttons. If you ever used a browser, capable of tabbing (like the new Internet Explorer 7, but I prefer Mozilla Firefox) you will know the feature of rearranging all existing tabs via drag & drop. After searching the web for some time I found several tools providing this functionality. Unfortunately many of them are not freeware (I don’t want to spend money for such a „trivial“ feature) or are limited in usability. Some programs only had a list of running applications you could change the order of and not a drag & drop support on the taskbar itself.