Record what is played on Vista

As some of you have probably noticed Stefan Raabs SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD („Stefan sucht den Superstar, der singen soll was er möchte und gerne auch bei RTL auftreten darf“) recently finished with Stefanie Heinzmann as its winner. There were obviously many talented singers at the final elimination stage and the 18year old Swiss won with hear song «My man is a mean man» which I really like, although I normally don’t listen to this kind of music in general.

On, a German pendant to Youtube you can take a look at the final performance of My man is a mean man. I really like the song and wanted to listen to it from time to time. Therefore I tried to save it to my hard disk, but withouth the Flash video (for this kind of task you could use something like UnPlug if you use Firefox, and I think you should do that). So as I was using Windows XP I could easily set my stereo output of my soundcard as the recording input. But setting this under Vista took me some time, because some steps have to be performed to record what is currently played.