Phishing Filter

Phishing in ThunderbirdThis morning (well it was 1 p.m.) I made an interesting discovery. Finally, after having waited for years, I got my first phishing e-mail. My penny bank wants to have all my banking information, including TANs and PIN, of course. The e-mail itself wasn’t made that bad. The e-mail address from the sender seemed to be correct, but if you took a look at the advanced header, you could have seen that the origin of the mail was (HELO system) [] Moreover the link did not point to but to


Personal Firewall

Oh yes, the Internet rocks. At least for people who use it „safely“. Safer networking seems to be a very difficult thing for adolescents or older persons. I’ve seen many people surfing without these neat applications. Yes, I am talking about personal firewalls. I don’t want to start a discussion about the sense of these programs or how to use them. In fact I am using this software only to permit access to any network from applications I personally installed on my PC (I have a better firewall within my router, it uses IP filtering with ip-tables).

In the past I used the personal firewall of Sygate. However that application is no longer maintained or updated, because Symantec decided to continue only the professional branch of Sygates software development. Because of that and the fact that I formatted my HDD last week, I had to look for an alternative. I made my choice and ended up with the Kerio Personal Firewall. At first I was satisfied with my decision. Sadly enough I had to learn, that I made the wrong decision, especially within the last few days. Althoug I could set network access rights for started programs (both inbound and outbound traffic), there was no method of defining these parameters for yet not startet programs. That is why you can setup an FTP server for example but cannot access it from without the network, because the dialog for (firewall) configuration for access rights pops up if you try to login for the first time.


Firefox and FireBug

It gets more and more fascinating every time when you think about the narrowness of some people. This time I’m exceptionally not talking about other people being stupid, but myself. Yes, I am a personified dumb ass. For a few days (or even weeks?) I am using the up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox (2.0) (and you should do it either). Fortunately the upgrade from a prior version was very neat, because all extensions were updated (if there had to be an update and there was an update available of course).

Firebug LogoWithin the past few days, there were some strange and fascinating problems occurring on my desktop PC (funnily enough not on my laptop). The address bar of my web browser seemed to be locked in some way. I wasn’t able to use any direction key (like arrow-left or arrow-right) in there and moreover the same error also blocked some input fields in any html form. Besides, I couldn’t even use the combination of Ctrl (control) + A, to select all letters within an input field or the address bar. By pressing the two keys together the whole displayed website itself was selected instead. In addition the focus of the input seemed to be wrong, although the cursor blinked in the input field of the address bar, but the „main“ focus was inside the html document (I had to click on the address two times, for setting the focus to the desired field). In summary it can be ascertained that there was a typing problem (or is it just me, who can’t type?) and/or a problem with my keyboard.


Era of changes

First of all: some of you’ve maybe seen it already. I’m changing my blog again. This time it’s not only the layout but the language, too. Because of my bad Spanish knowledges I’m currently testing my (almost forgotten) English skills. I have translated two German pages into English so far (which are: Donations and About) and I must admit, I am not willing to translate all my previous posts into English, because I am too lazy and often it just wouldn’t make any sense, because of some word jokes.

As you can see I have made some changes on the layout of the page. In my opinion the old look was nice, but a torture to your eyes. The whole design was a little bit to dark (especially the boring gray background behind the main content [not the gorgeous picture of me in the back]) and angled and just not soft to see. Therefore I decided to switch to this design. I didn’t find it by myself, but a colleague, establishing his blog (INsanityDesign) showed it to me. I just changed the colors a little bit, because I like blue more than green. Moreover I integrated 3 header pictures, instead of the one distributed with the original theme MistyLook, which can be found at The pictures on top of this page were originally located at stock.xchng (just take a look at the pictures, taken by StevenFE).