Song writing

Yes, I have to admit, that I am not that musically talent I am always pretending to be. I really like showing off my non existent musical abilities. Maybe I have just the wrong instrument? I’ll give another instrument a try, as soon as a friend of mine purchases a bass guitar. Even though people tend to say, persons without divine talent should play the keyboard (do you remember Scarcross – Wie macht man Metal?), I don’t want to end up like another friend of mine who played keyboard for some time.

So instead of concentrating all the time on improving my guitar skills, I ordered a notebook (not the expensive ones to run an operating system on) for writing lyrics. „What for?“ you may ask and that is a very legitimate question. I could say I have no clue, but that would be the truth: therefore I dare to say, I need it to write lyrics for songs for our upcoming band. Yes, upcoming band. As soon as Mr. Ziplies ordered his bass guitar we’ll hopefully start rehearsing (even though we lack drums and a drum player, but who needs something like beat?). Because of that there is a certain need for text to be written, for which a lot of music (especially guitars, because there are no other instruments) has to be arranged.