Firefox and FireBug

It gets more and more fascinating every time when you think about the narrowness of some people. This time I’m exceptionally not talking about other people being stupid, but myself. Yes, I am a personified dumb ass. For a few days (or even weeks?) I am using the up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox (2.0) (and you should do it either). Fortunately the upgrade from a prior version was very neat, because all extensions were updated (if there had to be an update and there was an update available of course).

Firebug LogoWithin the past few days, there were some strange and fascinating problems occurring on my desktop PC (funnily enough not on my laptop). The address bar of my web browser seemed to be locked in some way. I wasn’t able to use any direction key (like arrow-left or arrow-right) in there and moreover the same error also blocked some input fields in any html form. Besides, I couldn’t even use the combination of Ctrl (control) + A, to select all letters within an input field or the address bar. By pressing the two keys together the whole displayed website itself was selected instead. In addition the focus of the input seemed to be wrong, although the cursor blinked in the input field of the address bar, but the „main“ focus was inside the html document (I had to click on the address two times, for setting the focus to the desired field). In summary it can be ascertained that there was a typing problem (or is it just me, who can’t type?) and/or a problem with my keyboard.