Will code (insert language here) for food.

Yes, I have to face the truth. In April I will become 26 years old and that was reason enough to get some mail from the family benefits office (Familienkasse). Unfortunately they told me that I will no longer receive child allowance after March. Fortunately I served my time (9 month) at the German Bundeswehr directly after finishing school. This means that I will get money until 2009.

Nevertheless I wasted nearly one year, doing absolutely nothing for completing my degree in computer sciences. Instead I was wasting time getting drunk, trying to play guitar or doing other senseless stuff. But as you have probably reasoned after reading my last posting (Rambo), I belong to the working part of society by now. Yes, I sold my soul to ATB Bremen, an «Institute for Applied Systems Technology». Like the other students there I was mainly engaged to code for food money. […]