And then a hero comes along

Those of you who tend to read my blog on a regular basis will probably know that I usually play Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 edition). Usually means that we normally meet at the Saturdays on the weekend with 5 people at about 8 p.m. Unfortunately some of my mates cannot resist the pressure of reading sourcebooks over and over again. Therefore we do not start playing (and rolling dice) before 10 p.m.

If you already played a roleplaying game, I assume that you will know that imagining dungeons and all kinds of different dangerous locations can be pretty much fun. Although if you are some kind of powergamer (like we are in a way) you presumably prefer fighting over discovering various things. Of course you have to know your current location and this means the size of the room you’re in, possible obstacles in your way, where your allies stand and how your enemies are assembled. […]

d20 Library

A couple of days ago was our (almost) weekly Dungeons & Dragons gaming session. Our party at that time consisted of 8 heroes, although we’re only 4 players and one Dungeon Master (DM). Therefore every one of us plays two characters. This ensures a good mixture of different character types for almost every possible situation were different skills and abilities are required. My two characters were:

Peloron Nethard
  • Cleric 1
  • Healer 5
  • Radiant Servant of Pelor 2
  • Fighter 5
  • Barbarian 1
  • Mater of Exotic Weapons 1
  • Disciple of Thrym 1

The other characters of our party are a few levels higher than mine. The average level was probably between 11 and 13. The main problem on the last Saturday was the fact that our DM is a little bit unconscious about taking into account the challenge rating of our enemies. So we had to fight about 15 enemies lead by a cleric with a challenge rating (CR) of about 16. For people who are not familiar with an appropriate challenge rating: an enemy group with a CR of 16 is a suitable challenge for 4 to 6 characters of the same level (16 in this case). As you can probably reason, this was a pretty tough task. At the end of the encounter 2 of our characters had passed away. Unfortunately one of them was my fighter Nethard.


Kermit und Co.

Frösche – des einen Freund, des anderen Feind. Von kleinen, grünen laichenden Anura (Froschlurchen), dessen Vertreter unter anderem die Frösche und Kröten sind, über stofflich mutierte Handpuppen (Kermit) bis hin zu den in Deutschland als Feuerwerkskörper Klasse 2 erhätlichen Knallfröschen – jeder kennt zumindest eine Form des Frosches.

GithzeraiEine weiter oben korrekterweise nicht aufgeführte Gattung oder Unterklasse der Frösche ist, zumindest in meinem Sprachgebraucht der Githzerai. „Warum Frosch?“ werden sich nun vermutlich einige (davon ausgehend, dass mehr als nur meine Wenigkeit diese informativen Neuigkeiten liest) fragen. Ich denke, dass angefügte Bild beschreibt ganz gut, warum ich (und auch andere Personen) ab und an Frosch dazu sagen. Ich verbiete hiermit jedweden negativen Kommentar über die Rasse meines Mönches.