Fear Of The Sponge

Today I made an interesting discovery: life is boring somehow. Well, actually it is no discovery. Most people learned this already through their parents or maybe even in school (were they educated to be bored?). Never mind. Some of you might know that I have an oral examination on Tuesday, 20th at the university.

The lecture itself is all about an introduction on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (no, not the bad movie from Steven Spielberg) and, what a surprise, I haven’t started learning for it, yet. I tried it several times and ran over the provided slides at least once. I really don’t have a problem with the topic itself, quite the contrary. It is quite interesting stuff, but I already heard some of that (that’s because I already attended the lecture a few semesters ago, but never finished the course). Speaking of first order logic, I must say currently I am still at war with it. To get some basic explanations, going far beyond the slides (which only provide very rudimentary knowledge), I bought Artifical Intelligence – a modern approach (German edition) by Russell & Norvig. I ran over the pages, but could not motivate myself to read it entirely (only the necessary chapters).


King of Kings of Gods of War of Metal of Synthesizers of Steel!

Nachdem ich ja schon im Januar das ach so „geheime“ Cover der neuen Manowar CD Gods Of War aufgedeckt hatte, werde ich jetzt auf das (leidige) Thema Manowar zurückkommen.

Manowar - Gods Of War CD CoverAm vergangenen Freitag (23.02.2007) war ich zwecks musikalischer Beschallung im Bremer Tivoli um mir dort das Break The Barriers Festival zu Gemüte zu führen. Für sagenumwobene 21 Euronen Eintritt war es möglich dort Eternal Reign, Victory, Mob Rules und Masterplan zu hören. Wobei ich hier für all diejenigen, die nicht anwesend waren sagen muss, dass hören im Falle von Masterplan übertrieben ist. Das Schlagzeug und ein wenig vom Bass war akustisch differenzierbar. Gesang, Gitarre und sonstiges musikalisches Equipment ist wegen des schlechten Tons einfach untergegangen. Dies könnte auch erklären, warum Masterplan die Halle fast leer spielten (jedenfalls solange ich noch anwesend war).


Kingdom of Steel revealed

Well, my first posting for this new year is all about music. This time I am trying to make it short: Manowar are going to release their brand new album Gods of War on the 23rd of February in Germany. For all those who are interested, there was a snapshot of the upcoming cover released, Read more about Kingdom of Steel revealed[…]

Song writing

Yes, I have to admit, that I am not that musically talent I am always pretending to be. I really like showing off my non existent musical abilities. Maybe I have just the wrong instrument? I’ll give another instrument a try, as soon as a friend of mine purchases a bass guitar. Even though people tend to say, persons without divine talent should play the keyboard (do you remember Scarcross – Wie macht man Metal?), I don’t want to end up like another friend of mine who played keyboard for some time.

So instead of concentrating all the time on improving my guitar skills, I ordered a notebook (not the expensive ones to run an operating system on) for writing lyrics. „What for?“ you may ask and that is a very legitimate question. I could say I have no clue, but that would be the truth: therefore I dare to say, I need it to write lyrics for songs for our upcoming band. Yes, upcoming band. As soon as Mr. Ziplies ordered his bass guitar we’ll hopefully start rehearsing (even though we lack drums and a drum player, but who needs something like beat?). Because of that there is a certain need for text to be written, for which a lot of music (especially guitars, because there are no other instruments) has to be arranged.


Music aflame

Burned down Musik Produktiv ShopThe world has almost come to an end. Something terribly happened at the weekend (no I don’t talk about the Freimarkt). On the 29th of October at 7:25 a.m a very, very important shop began to burn. People who live next to Ibbenbueren (or maybe Osnabrueck) will have recognized the crying of millions of people (and presumably the sirens of the fire brigade), when some of the sales areas of Musik Produktiv (MP) suddenly stood aflame.