Almost sunflowers

Many bloggers will probably have noticed it already. WordPress made the next step in development which ended up in version 2.5 having been released this week. Not just for fixing some security issues and that kind of stuff I surely installed the new version. I like the new administration interface a lot. It looks much fresher than the old one. Some new features also found their way into the new release, which are primarily a better support for tags and something like a media library.

Maybe you think the same about the new WordPress release as I do: I really like the possibility for automatic updates of installed plugins, but I dislike or don’t use some of the new features. Upgrading plugins to the newest version with one simple mouse click is just amazing, but the support for tags still lacks something like a «mass tag edit» feature and therefore I still use the Simple Tags plugin. Moreover I’m not quite sure how to handle media files with the new WordPress library, especially images. That’s why I tend to continue usage of the NextGen Gallery. […]

Will code (insert language here) for food.

Yes, I have to face the truth. In April I will become 26 years old and that was reason enough to get some mail from the family benefits office (Familienkasse). Unfortunately they told me that I will no longer receive child allowance after March. Fortunately I served my time (9 month) at the German Bundeswehr directly after finishing school. This means that I will get money until 2009.

Nevertheless I wasted nearly one year, doing absolutely nothing for completing my degree in computer sciences. Instead I was wasting time getting drunk, trying to play guitar or doing other senseless stuff. But as you have probably reasoned after reading my last posting (Rambo), I belong to the working part of society by now. Yes, I sold my soul to ATB Bremen, an «Institute for Applied Systems Technology». Like the other students there I was mainly engaged to code for food money. […]

Record what is played on Vista

As some of you have probably noticed Stefan Raabs SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD („Stefan sucht den Superstar, der singen soll was er möchte und gerne auch bei RTL auftreten darf“) recently finished with Stefanie Heinzmann as its winner. There were obviously many talented singers at the final elimination stage and the 18year old Swiss won with hear song «My man is a mean man» which I really like, although I normally don’t listen to this kind of music in general.

On, a German pendant to Youtube you can take a look at the final performance of My man is a mean man. I really like the song and wanted to listen to it from time to time. Therefore I tried to save it to my hard disk, but withouth the Flash video (for this kind of task you could use something like UnPlug if you use Firefox, and I think you should do that). So as I was using Windows XP I could easily set my stereo output of my soundcard as the recording input. But setting this under Vista took me some time, because some steps have to be performed to record what is currently played.


d20 Library

A couple of days ago was our (almost) weekly Dungeons & Dragons gaming session. Our party at that time consisted of 8 heroes, although we’re only 4 players and one Dungeon Master (DM). Therefore every one of us plays two characters. This ensures a good mixture of different character types for almost every possible situation were different skills and abilities are required. My two characters were:

Peloron Nethard
  • Cleric 1
  • Healer 5
  • Radiant Servant of Pelor 2
  • Fighter 5
  • Barbarian 1
  • Mater of Exotic Weapons 1
  • Disciple of Thrym 1

The other characters of our party are a few levels higher than mine. The average level was probably between 11 and 13. The main problem on the last Saturday was the fact that our DM is a little bit unconscious about taking into account the challenge rating of our enemies. So we had to fight about 15 enemies lead by a cleric with a challenge rating (CR) of about 16. For people who are not familiar with an appropriate challenge rating: an enemy group with a CR of 16 is a suitable challenge for 4 to 6 characters of the same level (16 in this case). As you can probably reason, this was a pretty tough task. At the end of the encounter 2 of our characters had passed away. Unfortunately one of them was my fighter Nethard.