Times of Ignorance

Yes, I finally did it. On Tuesday last week I finally took the last step to reach independence in my life and to accord the tax authorities some of my valuable (and hopefully incredible high and unmeasurable) income. You probably guessed it already: I finally officially registered my Diploma Thesis at my University.

The title (written down on the form of registration) states:

Untersuchung zu Ambiguitäten in Folksonomien

As one also has to provide an English title, I chose:

Examination of Ambiguities in Folksonomies

My inofficial Working Title so far is Folkalyzer. Main theme of my thesis is the examiniation of multimodal objects spread over different folksonomies and tagging systems, according to their tags. Basically I will try to find if there is some kind of similarity measure between different objects within separated folksonomies. For example one picture could be assigned an appropriate video or music because their tags are the same or similar. Instead of using a machine and some kind of neural networks to find similarity in tags and ressources, I will try to use the power of the human brain by implementing Folkalyzer as a Game With A Purpose (as Luis von Ahn calls them).

Currently I am working on the written part of my thesis, describing the state of the art of folksonomies and tagging. Within the next few weeks, I will hopefully start implementing a Scraper or Crawler for some folksonomies to establish a database of pictures, videos and sounds with their corresponding texts. After completing that step, I have to come up with a fun and interesting game design and later on the corresponding implementation.

Within the next few days or weeks, I hopefully will get the final required signature and a final date of submission for my thesis. Until then, stay tuned and focused (on whatever).

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