Almost sunflowers

Many bloggers will probably have noticed it already. WordPress made the next step in development which ended up in version 2.5 having been released this week. Not just for fixing some security issues and that kind of stuff I surely installed the new version. I like the new administration interface a lot. It looks much fresher than the old one. Some new features also found their way into the new release, which are primarily a better support for tags and something like a media library.

Maybe you think the same about the new WordPress release as I do: I really like the possibility for automatic updates of installed plugins, but I dislike or don’t use some of the new features. Upgrading plugins to the newest version with one simple mouse click is just amazing, but the support for tags still lacks something like a «mass tag edit» feature and therefore I still use the Simple Tags plugin. Moreover I’m not quite sure how to handle media files with the new WordPress library, especially images. That’s why I tend to continue usage of the NextGen Gallery.

But one feature of the new 2.5 version even found it’s way to my front-end of the blog. As I always wondered how websites like Weblog Tools Collection had users pictures for their existing comments, I lately discovered Gravatar.

A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums, so why not on weblogs?

So if you want your image to appear in my comments, just go to the Gravatar homepage and register with your e-mail address and assign any picture to it. When you are about to write a comment, simply fill in your Gravatar associated e-mail address in the appropriate field and there you’ll go. My gravatar can be seen on any of my comments and at the left on any of my postings. As you can see in the following paragraph (and if you simply look to the left), it is a Southpark like character. I created it using the commonly known South Park Studio. Nevertheless it is very accurate, although my guitar is black and does not have a Flying-V corpus.

Me as a southpark character

A friend of mine also updated his blog and set it up for Gravatar support. His Gravatar was created with the Mii Character Editor, which was available up to yesterday. Unfortunately Nintendo seemed to have problems with it and enforced the operator of the site to take it down. However I recommend you to visit his website, because there you can see the «large» version (he knows why I write «large» with a smile on my face).

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