When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing.

The title says it all. Yesterday I went to the movies and watched »John Rambo« (aka »Rambo« in the US). Oh my God, what a splendid movie! More than half a year ago (or even earlier?) I saw the first trailer and it swept me off my feet. It was absolutely oldschool like the former Rambo parts, but with a lot more violence and gore. Being a fan of the old movies, the decision to watch it came straight away.

Unfortunately, for I am living in Germany, I could only watch a cut version of Rambo. The FSK decided to shorten the original version of the motion picture by about 55 seconds. If you watch the aforementioned trailer, you will see most of the scenes that have been cut in our version. As far as I know Warner Bros tried to release the film with an FSK-16 rating, which is quite insane from my point of view. Even though some very hard and bloody scenes are missing, the remaining minutes are still hard enough to be shown only to adults. Seriously, flying legs and arrows piercing through heads (with repetition in a dream sequence!) are not suitable for »underaged« or adolescents.

You’re not changin‘ anything…

John Rambo

And this kind of says everything you have to know about the new Rambo movie. Like in his penultimate movie, »Rocky Balboa« this one (for me) is like a denoted homage to the old 80’s movies. Sylvester Stallone did not try to create a brand new, not authentic Rocky or in this case Rambo. If the picture would be a little more blurred, washed out, the sound would be in Dolby Stereo instead of DTS and (that’s the most difficult part to imagine) Stallone would look about 20 years younger, you would feel like back in the eighties.

Warning, possible spoiler!

Yeah, some scenes do not really make sense at all. Why do the Burmese guards, hunting for Rambo and »Schoolboy« and the former hostage, stop someplace in the jungle and release the dogs, who immediately pick up the trail? Or why is the scent of a piece of cloth stronger than the women wearing the clothes? Nobody knows and I have to say, I really don’t care. I am a fan of Rambo since I first saw it, and you don’t have to think about logical errors or goofs when you watch a sequel.

Much more fascinating is Stallone’s portrayal of the silent and contemplative one man army. Priceless was the scene at the river, when he escorts the mercenaries which have nothing else to do than curse and show off all the time, while Rambo says absolutely nothing. He seems to be an incorrigible mind and plays hard to get. Therefore it is plausible that all the action takes place in Burma and he gets sort of involved although he wants it in no case. Stallone could have written a script, where somebody of his family was kidnapped or where he catches Osama bin Laden, but he did not.

Instead Stallone decied to pick up the main idea of the first movie where John seems to have a hard time thinking about his past. This is also told to Sarah (the female hostage) in some way, which of course is an innuendo to »Rambo First Blood« (like the look of Sly in the ending scene). Rambo was just badly fucked and disappointed by his country and therefore has decided to live alone on his own somewhere in the jungle.

Sylvester Stallone’s Alter-Ego managed to retire in dignity.

A few years ago I have been in a school youth hostel with some friends of mine, because we were on a school trip. Although I was about 14 years old at that time, I bought a (very cheap) bowie knife because I liked the shape and it reminded me of Rambo. It also had some sort of hollow handle with a fishing line and matches in it. On top of the handle was a compass. Unfortunately it wasn’t as robust or even long as the original John Rambo knife. So before watching the new movie I searched the internet for a replica of the original knife. I found a German website which sells this:

Rambo First Blood Part II - Knife

When my next (and first) salary arrives I will certainly order one. Replix is the shop where you can find this knife and the knife from part 1, part 3, part 4 and some other movies (like Conan for example).

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