Color management and LCDs

Philips 190x7bAbout two or three weeks ago I bought a new monitor. I was tired of staring at my good old 19″ CRT, which had some color and brightness problems in the left part of the screen. Colors were to bright there and I have to admit that the projected image seemed to be a little blurry. Therefore I decided to get a brand new 19″ LCD monitor and I ended up buying the Philips 190x7b. I think it looks really nice and it has an integrated USB hub which is quite useful if you’re an old man like me.

Unfortunately the dye distribution is not perfect. If you look at a complete black image, you can see a „brighter black“ at the left and right side of the display. For now I only noticed this while starting up my machine, seeing the neat Windows XP starting screen. While watching videos, playing games or such things I haven’t noticed it yet. Moreover all things considered the displayed image seems to have a little less brightness at the top. This I do recognize during my „normal“ Windows usage, but it’s not that bad. By now I am used to it. The most important for me is, that my eyes don’t have to strain that much any more and I really like looking at a clear and sharp image.

So what’s the problem? Since that day I installed the new monitor, I noticed some interesting color problems. Well they are not real problems, they just seem to occur in Adobe applications. The scanning a document in grey colors only for example, ended up in completely green in Photoshop (PS). Screenshots I took, showed not the good old grey windows colors but yellow controls. Pretty ugly and of course very difficult to identify any color correctly. This is especially hard if you try to create some graphics or to retouch some photos. Funnily enough I just had to save the picture and open it with any other application but Photoshop and it was displayed correct. So what could be the problem? After having googled for some time, I only found disappointing answers like „adjust your color management settings“. Yeah sure, certainly didn’t try that before (beware: irony!). So I played a little bit with my monitor profiles and removed the ICC profile provided by the manufacturer (in this case Philips) and used the Adobe RGB profile, but nothing really happened, even after changing the color management settings of Photoshop to also use my monitor settings. Then I found the solution, by browsing through the menus of PS. First I found View – Proof Setup to be set to Working CMYK and I changed it to Monitor RGB, then I activated the View – Proof Color option and all colors were displayed like in any other program.

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