Fear Of The Sponge

Today I made an interesting discovery: life is boring somehow. Well, actually it is no discovery. Most people learned this already through their parents or maybe even in school (were they educated to be bored?). Never mind. Some of you might know that I have an oral examination on Tuesday, 20th at the university.

The lecture itself is all about an introduction on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (no, not the bad movie from Steven Spielberg) and, what a surprise, I haven’t started learning for it, yet. I tried it several times and ran over the provided slides at least once. I really don’t have a problem with the topic itself, quite the contrary. It is quite interesting stuff, but I already heard some of that (that’s because I already attended the lecture a few semesters ago, but never finished the course). Speaking of first order logic, I must say currently I am still at war with it. To get some basic explanations, going far beyond the slides (which only provide very rudimentary knowledge), I bought Artifical Intelligence – a modern approach (German edition) by Russell & Norvig. I ran over the pages, but could not motivate myself to read it entirely (only the necessary chapters).

Long story short: instead of learning AI today, I found something which Iron Maiden fans (and critics) have to see. Yes, I know, it is very stupid stuff, but I had to smile at it. That is maybe only, because I have a favor for yellow sponges and pink starfishes. If you did not get it yet, I’ll tell you, what this is all about: SpongeBob Squarepants! Here you can see 3 examples of the combination of Iron Maiden CD covers with SpongeBob Squarepants characters. The corresponding albums are Fear Of The Dark, The Number Of The Beast and Run To The Hills.

Fear Of The Sponge The Number Of The Sponge Run To The Sponge

All pictures are taken from Hans Claesson’s Wallpapers & Graphics. Hopefully I’ll start learning tomorrow in the morning.

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  • I like the number of the sponge… nice Kenny ^^‘ What more can I do but post this fabulous vid: http://youtube.com/watch?v=jYfl8MGB9H4 Actually not from the creator JZA because of freakin‘ fuc***‘ Viacom who actually got them to take it down due to copyright issues… motherf***er, it’s a funny SpongeBob Vid with loud and noisy music, totally cut out of order… damn them… no, DOOM them…

    PS: As you know, good luck!


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