8-bit music is dead

[…]I (myself not beeing a Wagner pro) think that Wagner would be quite amused about the synthesizer sounds of Manowar, which sound like they are produced on a 5 year old Yamaha device […]


Yepp, you recognized it. I am definetly to lazy to translate the whole previous (German only) posting. Therefore I decided to only pick out a quote of mine, which is quite a good transition. A great sound pioneer, Richard Joseph has passed away. I’m quite sure, that hardly anyone knew this name before this post, me neither. More important than remembering his name only, is thinking and listening to his tremendous art, as he was a composer. In addition he achieved groundbreaking advances in music and sound technology (like including „real voices“ in Mega Lo Mania).

But instead of only praising his work, I think people should know on which games Richard has worked on. According to Mirsoft amongst others these are :

For all of you, who enjoyed playing C64 and Amiga like I did, I put up this Flash MP3 Player with old, but very neat songs in it. The first 6 tracks were composed or arranged by Richard Joseph (or at least he had a part in them). The other 6 are just games I liked to play when I was younger and 64k of RAM ought to be enough!

People interested in game sounds and music from the C64 or the Amiga can find them in the Game music base. That’s where I got the above samples from. Tools for playing these sounds (like SIDPLAY2 for C64 and the MODPlug Player for Amiga) can also be found there.

p.s. does anybody apart from me miss the good old 5.25″ floppy disk or tapes? These are hard times for nostalgics.

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  • „does anybody apart from me miss the good old 5.25″ floppy disk or tapes?“

    Not… really. Though I do miss my DDS2 Tape Drive – which brought some nerdiness into backups – i’m quite happy to have magnet drives nowadays.
    Memory sticks do give data transfer activities the edge if you have to have it physically portable, for everything else you should use online storages. And for nostalgia keep you hand at your old Magneto Opticals.

    Und das ist gut so liebe Genossinnen und Genossen!


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