Kingdom of Steel revealed

Well, my first posting for this new year is all about music. This time I am trying to make it short: Manowar are going to release their brand new album Gods of War on the 23rd of February in Germany. For all those who are interested, there was a snapshot of the upcoming cover released, where certain parts were left black. Unfortunately the webmaster (or whoever is responsible for the picture) forgot to blacken the „unseen“ parts completely. Therefore I decided to show you the modified version of the cover (increasing brightness shows the idea behind the new cover):

Gods of War Cover (original) Gods of War Cover (revealed)

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  • Yeah, categorie says it all, Stupid Stuff. First sonsg were terriple boring but maybe I am just to dumb to grasp the whole deepness of it. Or it is just to elusive. Or they just got mad…

    We’ll see…


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