Shuffle the taskbar

Sometimes people tend to be some kind of fussy, concerning the order of almost anything. Peolpe who know me personally will have recognized that I’m belonging to this group of persons. I have to have everything in place (especially referring to my desktop, hdd and.. well yes, almost anything else).

This also ranges up to my operating system. I hate Microsoft for not having implemented a feature to change the order of my taskbar buttons. If you ever used a browser, capable of tabbing (like the new Internet Explorer 7, but I prefer Mozilla Firefox) you will know the feature of rearranging all existing tabs via drag & drop. After searching the web for some time I found several tools providing this functionality. Unfortunately many of them are not freeware (I don’t want to spend money for such a „trivial“ feature) or are limited in usability. Some programs only had a list of running applications you could change the order of and not a drag & drop support on the taskbar itself.

But today, whilst surfing at the University with an iMac (I have to confess that I absolutely dislike Apple itself, Apple Equipment and of course Steve Jobs [I tend to over-simplify], but not the fruit!) I found a very nice solution to this problem. The application is called Taskbar Shuffle and allows the rearranging of the taskbar buttons via mouse control. So go ahead and download Taskbar Shuffle from home of the nerd cave.

Taskbar Shuffle

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