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Burned down Musik Produktiv ShopThe world has almost come to an end. Something terribly happened at the weekend (no I don’t talk about the Freimarkt). On the 29th of October at 7:25 a.m a very, very important shop began to burn. People who live next to Ibbenbueren (or maybe Osnabrueck) will have recognized the crying of millions of people (and presumably the sirens of the fire brigade), when some of the sales areas of Musik Produktiv (MP) suddenly stood aflame.

Burned down Musik Produktiv ShopAccording to the (German) police report, only the sales areas (2 floors, 30×40 meters in size) were damaged by the flames. As you can assume by viewing the pictures, Musik Produktiv is a music store. Fortunately the fire couldn’t encroach to the warehouse. Therefore almost all instruments should be saved and the website of Musik Produktiv says, in spite of the burning they accept and deliver orders again. The estimated damage amounts to about 2 – 3 million Euros. If you’re capable of reading German, you can have a look at the newspaper article of my local journal. Just click on the picture on below and you’ll see the article published in the Weser Kurier

Burned down Musik Produktiv Shop

If you want to support Musik Produktiv, just go ahead and buy some musical equipment. Even better: buy some musical equipment for me! My (this time realistic) wish list:

Pictures taken from: online and Musik Produktiv

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