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Freimarkt in BremenOnce upon a time, in a small town in Germany, called Bremen there used to be a fifth season (besides the Four Seasons Pizza which consists mainly of mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, artichokes, cooked ham, olives and oil). Every year in the second half of October a huge fair, called „Freimarkt“ gets people on to Bremen like a moth to flame. The first time this event took place is exactly 971 years ago (for this year, we have the 971st Freimarkt) and as time got by the setting changed a little bit. Nowadays there are about 35 rides and a lot of candy shops (no, it’s not 50 Cent) and stuff.

This Saturday I have (physically) been to the Bremer Freimarkt, with some friends of mine. The original plan was made with anticipation about two weeks ago and aimed at visiting the fair with 3 people for getting… drunk. Freimarkt in BremenBecause of a drunken buddy some changes affecting the master-plan in my mind were made. Therefore we met with an old (not referencing her age) friend at the main station. Via SMS a day before she said we’d have to take some of her colleagues with us and we had a number of about 2 persons in our head. Long story short: after running all the way and down the main station we ended up with about 10 people (not including me and my two fellows) and started exploring the Freimarkt at about 8 p.m. Just after 15 minutes about half of the group left the other way and we never saw them again (if I understood their conversation, they wanted to go home?!? It doesn’t matter).

Freimarkt in BremenThe rest of our group took a walk all around the fair. Me and my 2 buddies had to stop nearly every 10 meters because of some kind of „female behavior“ („Oh, look at this! That’s nice“ or „I want one of those!“). To make it even worse the women found virtually every place around the fair with the lack of possibility to buy a beer nearby. After I and one of my friends (belonging to our „default trio“) heard that one of us (belonging to our „default trio“) doesn’t drink alcohol any more we decided not to stay that much longer. After discussing for about 20 minutes about the nonsense of being abstinent (in alcoholic matters) we accepted the fact, that getting a lot of money (about 1.000 Euros) can (with heavy resistance) be used as a form of alibi. We finished our crusade at approx. 11:30 p.m. being dry (just 4 0,3l of beer) and managed to persuade the sober „friend“ of us, to drive us home (including a short trip to McDonalds).

The pictures of the Freimarkt are from schwarzaufweiss.

I want to finish this (some kind of boring weekend) with the incredible information, that I just updated my WordPress to version 2.05, but who cares? Moreover I have to mention that our next Friday session of role-playing will probably not be based upon Dungeons & Dragons but on the German game Midgard. After having waited for about 3 years, the rulebook called „Meister der Sphären“ („Master of Spheres“) is finally released and will be bought by one of our group members on Monday or Tuesday. If we however decide to play D&D, I will bring my new dice, I bought last Thursday. I have four new d4, four new d8 and four new d12.

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  • I want to point out that I gave mental assistance whilst buying those dice ^^‘.

    Yeah, our 5th season is over and it gets worse every year but why? My theory we are getting old kotte, old and probably sober (like you described)!


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