Era of changes

First of all: some of you’ve maybe seen it already. I’m changing my blog again. This time it’s not only the layout but the language, too. Because of my bad Spanish knowledges I’m currently testing my (almost forgotten) English skills. I have translated two German pages into English so far (which are: Donations and About) and I must admit, I am not willing to translate all my previous posts into English, because I am too lazy and often it just wouldn’t make any sense, because of some word jokes.

As you can see I have made some changes on the layout of the page. In my opinion the old look was nice, but a torture to your eyes. The whole design was a little bit to dark (especially the boring gray background behind the main content [not the gorgeous picture of me in the back]) and angled and just not soft to see. Therefore I decided to switch to this design. I didn’t find it by myself, but a colleague, establishing his blog (INsanityDesign) showed it to me. I just changed the colors a little bit, because I like blue more than green. Moreover I integrated 3 header pictures, instead of the one distributed with the original theme MistyLook, which can be found at The pictures on top of this page were originally located at stock.xchng (just take a look at the pictures, taken by StevenFE).

Regardless of the changes in design, there is an important fact to celebrate. A few people possibly saw some of my index (html) pages. I must confess that our server has been hacked a few times in the past. Fortunately these „professional hackers“ (or better to say crackers or rather Black Hats [take a look at the definition of Black Hats]) just used a vulnerability in vhcs2, which is (hopefully) fixed for now. They just managed to overwrite my index.html, nothing more. Of course I’ve taken some screenshots of these hacking attempts and want to present them to you.

[Not a valid template]

We recently re-installed the server and are now „safe“ for about 4 weeks! Therefore I „manually“ changed my index.html, inspired by the last hacker group and their „legacy“ (a Turkish flag composed of ASCII art, take a look a the last hacking picture to see what I mean). Of course you can take a look at my new index.html. The html page was generated by a small program called „Mosaic“. You can find more information about Mosaic at it’s page.

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